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The wall decorations, paintings and decorative panels of the studio,
just like wallpapers, trompe-l'œils and gilding,
are tailor-made for each project to individuals,
interior designers or creative studios.

All the painted decorations for photo shooting and scenography
are made of certified fire-resistant materials (M1).

Feel free to write and talk about your project... or just say hello !

« Each spiritual creation is dependent on matter. (…)
It is by knowing deeply the material with which one must operate
that it can be used as it sees fit, adapt it to each case,
know the effect it achieves.. »

Nicolas Wacker,
La peinture à partir du matériau brut.

Some collaborations :

Toro & Liautard Architectes (Paris)
Isabelle de Borchgrave (Bruxelles)
Hôtel Negresco (Nice)
Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris 3)
Studio Marianne Guély (Paris)
Maison Isidore Leroy (Bordeaux)
Trait Français (Paris)